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Having your child go through regular sports physicals is important to prevent injuries, as well as to manage any chronic conditions, like asthma, that may impact their performance. If your child is due for a sports physical, contact Charlene Johnson, MD, at Camp Creek Pediatrics in Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. Johnson provides comprehensive sports physicals for children of all ages. You can easily book a sports physical through the website or you can call the office to speak with a team member directly.

Sports Physical Q & A

Why does my child need a sports physical?

A sports physical — also known as a preparticipation physical exam (PPE) — is necessary to determine whether your child can safely participate in a particular sport. Routine sports physicals are important to:

  • Look for congenital defects that may affect performance
  • Manage chronic health conditions, such as allergies or asthma
  • Ensure your child is fully recovered from a previous injury 

Sports physicals are designed to keep your child healthy and to prevent sports injuries as much as possible. 

What can my child expect during a sports physical?

A sports physical is very much like a routine well-child exam, except Dr. Johnson needs to perform a few extra tests and screenings. During your child’s physical, she may:

  • Check vision and hearing
  • Order lab work, including blood or urine
  • Evaluate personal and family medical history
  • Conduct neurological exams and check reflexes
  • Check pulse, respiration rate, and blood pressure
  • Evaluate medications, including dietary supplements

Dr. Johnson also goes over any prior injuries. It’s important to let her know about any concussions, strains or sprains, or fractures that your child may have suffered from in the past. Dr. Johnson also counsels your child about how to prevent injuries, such as how to properly warm up, so they can lower their risk of injuries this season. 

How do I prepare for a sports physical?

Before your child’s upcoming sports physical at Camp Creek Pediatrics, make sure you print out the questionnaire from the sports team, read through it, and bring it to the office with you. It’s also important to bring in your child’s identification and updated insurance card.

If your child suffered from any injuries or had any hospitalizations in the past, request that those medical records be sent to Camp Creek Pediatrics ahead of time, if possible. 

How often does my child need a sports physical?

Generally, mandates are in place that require your child to undergo a sports physical before beginning a new sport, dance team, or other physical activity. Even if your child has played the sport in the past, they’re probably going to need a sports physical at Camp Creek Pediatrics before the new season starts.

If your child needs a sports physical, contact Camp Creek Pediatrics to schedule a visit. You can use the online scheduler to book a physical or you can call to make an appointment by phone.