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If you have a newborn at home, especially if this is your first baby, you may feel a bit overwhelmed. But with the help of compassionate pediatrician Charlene Johnson, MD, you can receive personalized newborn care services at Camp Creek Pediatrics in Atlanta, Georgia. Whether you have specific concerns or questions, or are in need of a well-baby visit, Dr. Johnson can help. Click on the online scheduling tool to book an appointment or call to speak with a team member.

Newborn Care Q & A

Why is newborn care important?

Newborn care is equally as important for both you and your little one. After all, the first two years of your baby’s life are full of dramatic growth spurts and milestones that can shape your baby’s future health and development. 

Newborn care is important to:

  • Ensure your baby is developing properly 
  • Track your baby’s growth
  • Make sure your baby is eating enough
  • Keep your baby up to date on vaccines

Newborn care visits are also one-on-one appointments with your dedicated pediatrician, Dr. Johnson, where you can receive the advice you need about how to care for your little one. 

What happens during a newborn care appointment?

A newborn care visit at Camp Creek Pediatrics is tailored to you and your needs. Whether you’re a first-time parent or have been down this road several times in the past, Dr. Johnson provides the support and care you and your growing family need.

Newborn care appointments can include:

  • Vaccination updates
  • Head-to-toe examination
  • Eyes, ears, and nose check
  • Joint mobility evaluation and neurological (reflex) check
  • Plotting your baby’s weight, length, and head circumference on a chart

Dr. Johnson assesses your baby’s growth and asks about daily issues, such as how they’re feeding and whether they’re having enough wet and soiled diapers each day. Throughout your newborn care appointment, Dr. Johnson also talks with you about your baby’s health and thoughtfully answers all of your questions. You should leave your newborn visit feeling empowered and ready to be the best parent you can be. 

How do I prepare for a newborn care exam?

To get ready for your upcoming newborn care visit at Camp Creek Pediatrics, it’s helpful to do just a few things. If possible, try to schedule your baby’s appointment during a time when they’re well-rested and fed. 

Even though your newborn probably isn’t on a routine yet, if you can try to schedule your visit during a time when your bundle of joy is less cranky, it can help keep you and your baby calm during your visit. 

Many new parents also find it helpful to write things down ahead of time. For the days leading up to your newborn care visit, make a list of questions, concerns, or changes your baby is going through. This can help ensure you get the most out of your time with Dr. Johnson. 

Camp Creek Pediatrics provides comprehensive newborn care in a calm and nurturing environment. Book your new baby’s exam online or call to schedule by phone.