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Developmental disabilities and delays can impact your child’s ability to learn, interact socially, and perform daily tasks. Because early intervention is critical if your child does have a developmental concern, expert pediatrician Charlene Johnson, MD, at Camp Creek Pediatrics in Atlanta, Georgia, provides personalized developmental screening services. You can book your child’s developmental screening exam online, or you can call to schedule an appointment over the phone.

Developmental Screening Q & A

What is developmental screening?

Developmental screening involves monitoring and observing your child over time. The purpose is to track milestones and look for concerning issues (if any) as your child grows up, so your child can get started on any necessary therapies early on. 

Personalized developmental screening uses tools to track both developmental and behavioral traits. These screenings can identify:

  • Autism
  • Behavioral issues
  • Learning disabilities
  • Vision or hearing issues
  • Speech or language problems
  • Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

Without proper developmental screening, these issues (and others) may worsen and be harder to treat as your child gets older. 

When does my child need developmental screening?

Dr. Johnson performs developmental screenings at certain ages, based on recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics. In general, she recommends developmental screenings during well-child visits at ages:

  • 9 months
  • 18 months
  • 24 or 30 months

If your child is at risk of developmental issues, possibly due to low birth weight or toxin exposure, Dr. Johnson may recommend additional screenings outside of these regularly scheduled visits. 

How does a pediatrician perform developmental screening?

Camp Creek Pediatrics provides extensive developmental screenings to ensure your little one is on track. Dr. Johnson may ask you to fill out a questionnaire that goes over milestones your child should be reaching. She may also have your child perform age-appropriate tasks. 

For example, Dr. Johnson may want to observe your child getting into a standing position from a seated position on the floor. She checks to ensure your child has no issues with this developmental milestone. 

When will I get the results from my child’s developmental screening?

If Dr. Johnson notices anything concerning during your child’s developmental screening, she may conduct additional tests. She talks with you about her observations with each screening. 

In most cases, Dr. Johnson can talk with you about your child’s developmental concerns (if any) on the spot. But if outside tests are necessary, such as blood work or imaging tests, you might need to come back to Camp Creek Pediatrics for a follow-up visit after the test results are available. 

Camp Creek Pediatrics provides comprehensive developmental screenings for children and teens. Book your child’s evaluation through the website or call the office to schedule by phone.